September 8, 2009


 Expanding upon the SST sound, LEFT INSANE released their only full length ‘Toolbox’ in 1990 on Nemesis records. Produced by Bill Stevenson & Stephen Egerton this band have all the necessary hallmarks to have released records on SST… or at least Cruz. It’s a wonder why Ginn released such turgid solo or Gone recordings when Left Insane do a way better job with far more flair and insight. Here is the recipe for this bands sound: Take the jazzier ‘Weeding Out’ era Black Flag, add some of Blind Idiot God’s avant metal, a touch of Saccharine Trust’s agitation and some Decendents hooks as to keep things focussed. It all sounds heartily appealing to me and maybe you will feel the same… if so don’t pass up, you won’t be disappointed: 



4 Responses to “LEFT INSANE – Toolbox”

  1. convertido said

    I just discovered your blog. I saw this and was just crushed that the link expired. Anyway you could re-up it? I saw them during 1990 opening for ALL in Dallas, Texas and would love to hear them again. Thanks either way!

  2. convertido said

    Thank you very much. I would recount all the events of that evening but suffice it to say that my buddy made no friends with Left Insane, but I thought they were brilliant.

  3. GD said

    Most excellent. When ALL and Left Insane toured through Phoenix in 1990, my band (Horace Pinker) opened up for the show they played. Left Insane were awesome live, and this album was great, too. It’s a great of sounds… even some Hendrix in there.

    I don’t know what happened to those guys, but they were ahead of their time and would probably clean up if they were around now.

    BTW: prior to this album, Left Insane put out a 7″ EP with Stephen Egerton (from Descendents/ALL) on bass. Cool stuff, for sure, but this LP sounds better.


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