August 22, 2009


 Before Sonny Kay was in Angel Hair he sang in SAVALAS, I doubt many are aware of the existence of this record so it may be of interest for people to hear. I’m pretty certain it’s the Angel Hair drummer in this band also but the style here is very similar to the D.C. influenced East Bay bands, in particular Monsula. It’s a more melodic early Soul Side vibe happening here but still unique in part to Sonny’s off key vocal style and abstract lyrics. Listening to this 7″ I kind of wish there had been a full length because it’s tight, well played D.C. inspired rock. I suppose we got Angel Hair a year or two later so all is not bad… dig that Silverfish shirt!



3 Responses to “SAVALAS – 7″”

  1. Any chance you could reup this? I lost these files when my ipod died

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the link

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