DEAD AND GONE – Shiny and Black EP

August 21, 2009


 This is something I’ve been wanting to post for a while. Pressed as a vinyl only 2×7″ back in 2000 on GSL, ‘Shiny and Black’ was another dose of DEAD AND GONE’s trademark raw post punk fury. It was the band Creeps on Candy I heard first which turned me towards checking our D&G (which is basically the same band anyway). I was an instant covert on hearing this and their position as greats solidified with ‘The Beautician’ album which blows the fucking doors off.  The listener is given feelings of claustophobia, angst, paranoia, and general emotional catharsis in a barrage of darkness bringing to mind the Birthday Party, Laughing Hyenas, Neurosis, Dead Kennedys.. To me this band is the benchmark of real hardcore:


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