August 19, 2009


 I’ve been a Fudge Tunnel fan since as long as I can remember but I had never heard THEORY OF RUIN until a few years back. I assumed they were somekind of metalcore band until I picked up their first album, it’s a good record but the following ‘Front Line Poster Child’ mini album is my pick. It’s an extremely dynamic record which I think drummer Ches Smith is probably most responsible for. His syncopated polyrhythms provide a continual push/pull undertow to the music. This first THEORY OF RUIN 7″ from 1999 was released on Elastic, the label run by a guy from Fu Manchu. The 3 tracks here are very visceral & punishing, an almost replica of the blueprint Steve Albini laid out. If you’re anything like me then there is always a place for music like this:



7 Responses to “THEORY OF RUIN – 7″”

  1. Mega-leg said

    Can you re-up this? Just came over from SGM and saw this. Didn’t even know this existed!

  2. killingtechnology said

    Yeah will do, Mediafire is very unreliable & lots of links have gone dead recently. It’s annoying because it’s a hassle but what can you do. Check back over the weekend. Thanks

  3. killingtechnology said

    No problem, let me know what you think of it?
    I’ve also re-upped a number of dead links

  4. M Wolf said

    Cheers..but first track doesn’t seem to extract

  5. killingtechnology said

    Hmmm don’t know how that is sorry???
    I use winRAR here that works fine….

  6. alfredovpangue said

    Hello, the link was deleted.

    Can you re-up this?

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