August 16, 2009


I recall being less than pleased with the ‘Lipstick Game’ album when it came out, from then until now I have neglected Rye Coalition. Sometimes I really can’t understand my choices, I guess I thought they were selling out because it didn’t sound like ‘Great Communicator’ or some stupid reason. My loss because I’ve recently picked up ‘On Top’ and ‘Curses’ and reacquainted myself… maybe I’ll also rebuy ‘Lipstick Game’. I’m saying all this because maybe you have passed up on Rye Coalition as well. If that’s the case then I am posting this EP by way of convincing you to revisit. ‘Jersey Girls’ was recorded during the same sessions as ‘On Top’ with Steve Albini in Chicago, an ideal matching for the band. Two tracks here ‘ZZ Topless’ & ‘Snow Job’ were released as a 7″ and ‘Stop Eating while I’m Smoking’ appears on the full length, the rest are exclusive to the release. If hard rockin’ bluesy punk is your thing  then check this out, Rye Coalition plain smokes! 



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