VOLCANO SUNS – Career in Rock

August 15, 2009


 Leading on from that last post I was thinking today that some VOLCANO SUNS should be posted here. Doesn’t seem to be much action at all for this band in music blog land, I find this a bit odd cos they’re a great band with something of an unfuckwithable pedigree. ‘Career in Rock’ was the band’s swansong released on Quarterstick in 1991, and my first real exposure to them. I was lapping up anything Touch & Go or Albini related at the time so this was just perfect. The recording here is first class, and in my opinion some of Albini’s best work. From Peter Prescott’s booming drums, to Bob Weston’s chunky, driving bass sound and David Kleiler’s seventh chords floating above it all everything is very well balanced. Not to forget the anthemic team vocals that lend the music a consistent upbeat vibe. I must note the band’s uniqueness, I’d really be hard pressed to find a comparison… it’s sorta rocking, arty post punk with an enormous sound for a just a three piece. Elements of Squirrel Bait, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr. can be heard as well as their influence upon future bands like Chavez:



One Response to “VOLCANO SUNS – Career in Rock”

  1. Mike said

    Man, I love Volcano Suns. Bought “Bright Orange Years” on the back of it being ex-Mission of Burma and was not disappointed. I love that kinda tuneful post-hardcore sound that just has that slightly unhinged feel.

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