CRUSH – Hot Tracks 7″

August 13, 2009


 Ok, quick upload here while I’m compiling my next batch of posts. I now have the facility to rip my records which means a wider variety of vinyl only stuff can now be digitized & shared. I’d never heard of CRUSH before a few weeks ago when a friend thrust this into my grubby mitts. The only thing I’d first noticed was that Bob Weston plays bass here… after some quick research it appears the band also features the Sebadoh drummer & someone from Big Dipper. In 1988 I’d imagine this kinda music would be termed ‘college rock’ but hearing it now it’s nearer to proto noise rock with Weston’s bass driving the procedings. It’s worth a whirl if you’re a fan of Shellac or Volcano Suns: 

Hot Tracks


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