NOMEANSNO – Live 26/7/09, London Dingwalls

July 30, 2009


 This past Sunday myself and my good friend Stu (Skinhead at the front in Youtube footage below) hopped on the train and travelled down to see NMN. We’d both wanted to see these guys play for years but always missed out for whatever reason. In particular we were gutted about missing them play some festival in Ireland supporting Motorhead. As soon as the tickets became available we got them & made arrangements, it was kinda cool to want to see a band play that much. I guess as far as NMN are concerned you’re either a devoted lifer or not (we had both been fans for nearly 20 years). They played a great set… although is there such a thing as a bad NMN gig? Unfortunately we both found the support act Todd to be rather abysmal, if they were from anywhere else but London people wouldn’t give a fuck. I made a recording of  the NMN set which turned out ok aside from the kick sounding too boomy & fuzzed, luckily one of the good folks over at the  NoMeansNo forum made a better quality recording. Click on the flyer below for DL. Guitarist Tom Holliston had a fairly severe asthma attack (room was a sweatbox) and left stage about 2/3rds in. In someways this was a postive cos the Wright brothers plowed through the remainder as a two piece, it is something of a treat to hear a rhythm section that has the density of a 5 piece band. Highlights for me were ‘Everyday I start to Ooze’, ‘Kill Everyone Now’ & ‘Slugs are burning’. Fucking excellent band, one of the greatest.






2 Responses to “NOMEANSNO – Live 26/7/09, London Dingwalls”

  1. Mike said

    Few bands rock like No Means No. And no one else rocks LIKE they do. Been years since I saw ’em. Heartening to know they just keep on going.

  2. killingtechnology said

    Basically no band rocks like NMN, they’ve been perfecting the forumla for many years. Apparently they have another new record planned for next year!

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