HONOR ROLE – Purgatory / Jank 7″

July 30, 2009

 HR band

 Just a quick post here since I’ve been spinning Honor Role this week… check my previous HR post for more information.  The ‘Purgatory’ 7″ was released in 1986 making it something of a vintage now. The title track is pretty heavy on the Joy Division (especially the basslines) but breaks into the quirks unique to this band. I was thinking the other day how Bob Schick’ s vocals/lyrics must have been a big influence on Moss Icon’s John Vance. If you ever wanted to know where Drive Like Jehu got the Rome Plows guitar line from then check ‘Jank’, the B-side. It’s a great blast of frenzied post punk of the kind that simply does not exist these days. Click for DL:  

HR purg


2 Responses to “HONOR ROLE – Purgatory / Jank 7″”

  1. Jeff Israel said

    Dead link, would appreciate a reup…all I have is It Bled Like a Stuck Pig, I had no idea they did more than one thing.

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