July 11, 2009


 It was only this year I became familiar with OSWEGO. I remember thinking to check them out but it’s only now I get round to it (in the meantime 9 years have passed!). I can honestly say it was worth waiting for and I’m not sure how much I would’ve appreciated it back then anyway. It’s very hard to describe this band, the obvious reference would be KEROSENE 454 with both Darren Zentek and Erik Denno in this band. Stylistically imagine artier D.C. stuff: SHUDDER TO THINK (circa Pony Express Record), BURNING AIRLINES or FUGAZI mixed with ‘Discipline’ era KING CRIMSON or early POLICE. It’s a really interesting record to say the least, there’s a lot to take in even considering this is an EP. It’s the kind of music that you simply won’t hear unless these guys decide to play together again. I think this EP is out of print but if you like this B-Core disc is selling the full length for only 3 Euro!



One Response to “OSWEGO – EP”

  1. Patrick Ford said

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this! A definitive undiscovered gem!

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