FINE DAY – January CD

July 9, 2009

FD live

 I think the FINE DAY ‘Sunspot’ 7″ has been posted on other blogs but I’ve never seen their discography… I say ‘discography’ but the other five songs didn’t appear until the ‘January’ CD was released. This CD appeared on the Spread label from the UK in about 1998, I recall ‘pre-ordering’ this & they personalised each one with a custom printed vellum insert. Great label and a fantastic distro, I always wondered what happened to them? If you’re out there Issac get in touch! Anyhow, of these tracks ‘Extinct’ and ‘Soot’ were released as their 7″ in 1992. The rest were recorded in January 1993 at WGNS studio with Geoff Turner. Here is a scan of the liner notes detailing the bands history etc: 

FD liner

I don’t really need to go into how this sounds other than to say it is fucking good early 90’s D.C. post hardcore that veers on the heavier side of things.  Check it out










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