OPIUM TAYLOR – Fade machine fade magazine CD

June 28, 2009

OT live

 Who? yeah exactly. Opium Taylor were a Caulfield records band hailing from  Lincoln, Nebraska (like Sideshow) and existed from the mid 90s to late 90s. ‘Fade Machine fade magazine’ was released in 1999 and saw the band travel to D.C. to record at Inner Ear with Don Zientara. It’s no suprise that this band have heavy Dischord leanings, in particular they pay service  to the early Shudder To Think sound much the same as Party of Helicopters did. Caulfield records had these guys billed as  ‘Lungfish meets Pere Ubu’, and that’s a fair approximation in terms of  their more unique approach.

















As requested here is the Opium Taylor ‘Sun Foil’ 7″ released on Caulfield in 1995:

Sun foil


8 Responses to “OPIUM TAYLOR – Fade machine fade magazine CD”

  1. Maurizio said

    do you have other stuff by Opium Taylor?

  2. killingtechnology said

    I have a 7″… ‘Sunflower’ I think. I’ll post it up here sometime soon. There is another album, their first one… been on the lookout for that one

  3. Maurizio said

    Ok, thanks!

  4. killingtechnology said

    Ok ‘Sun Foil’ here is is!

  5. champion of fun said

    Interesting note: Pat Noecker, bass player for Opium Taylor, went on to form Liars. It’s true: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liars_(band)

  6. If you guys are looking for Boy-White City it can now be found here, with a bunch of other great out of print Nebraska releases http://www.thebandbrokeup.com/2011/02/13/opium-taylor-boy-white-city/

  7. […] interesting bunch of turns; he’s a founding member of Opium Taylor (which you can read about here) and the infamous neo-no-wave pinups Liars, after which he went on to form the short-lived n0 things […]

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