FISHWIFE – Ritalin

June 11, 2009


 Probably best known now as the band that gave birth to Tanner it’s not often you hear mention of Fishwife these days (if at all). Anyone with an affinity for the ‘San Diego’ style may have heard the name but not the music. While not as abrasive or dischordant as Drive Like Jehu, Fishwife are definately cut from the same cloth. The regional trademarks are all in place… the octave chords, high pitched vocals,  awkward time signatures… you know the drill by now. ‘Ritalin’ (Headhunter records, 1992) is Fishwife’s second album and was produced by John Reis and the band. They released a third but it is proving very difficult to track a copy down, if anyone here can help please get in touch? Depending on how many folks are interested in ‘Ritalin’ I may post up their first album ‘Snail Killer’ and 7″. Until then, give this fucker a spin:


Fishwife 7″ upped below… Don’t have much more info on it other than it came out in 1990 on Nemesis:

fishwife -1990- s,t 7'' fr

Lastly Fishwife’s first full length ‘Snail Killer’ from 1991.


Final album ‘Poquita Rosada Mona’ (Goldenrod 93):



30 Responses to “FISHWIFE – Ritalin”

  1. Andy said

    could you post the 7″ as I cannot find it on any other blogs

  2. andy said

    It’s crazy how much good music has gone out of print. Even with the internet many good out of print singles and albums are impossible to find. If you are trying to find any other obscure stuff just let me know and I might be able to help. I have been listening to the Hemlock album you posted. I only have 1 early single of theirs. I have been looking for the other 2 albums for ages as well. Again never seen them on any blogs and they’re long out of print. I’m hooked on anything with the San Diego sound from the early to mid nineties. Seemingly there’s endless amounts of obscure bands from that era that I’m yet to discover.

  3. Adam said

    Awesome! Thanks for this. I was wondering if you could post the ‘Snail Killer’ album as well. I’d be very grateful. Cheers!

  4. Adam said

    Oh, and check out my blog when you get a chance:

  5. Ryan Gollner said

    One of my favorite local bands of the early 90’s. They were AWESOME live- that whole era was an amazing time for SD man…
    I used to have Snailkiller (1st reprint) on vinyl and the single… I don’t remember if I had Ritalin on anything but CD- damn its been a long time since I was able to bump those guys… thanks for linking some of their stuff!

  6. killingtechnology said

    Here we go fellas… Snail Killer is upped! Interested to see which one people think is their best?

  7. Lamar said

    Ritalin is up but rest is down

  8. killingtechnology said

    Having some kind of difficulties with Mediafire…
    I will try and get these up as soon as I can

  9. Lamar said

    Oh jea, greating´s from germany !

  10. There is still a lot to write on this subject.

  11. 3rd album! the internet is a wonderful thing!

  12. Blue Seven said

    Thanks for putting these up. I bought them all at one time or another but can’t find any of them. Betting that friends borrowed them, never returned them, you know how it goes.

    To answer your question, I believe Ritalin to be their best. Amazing. I never had much interest in Fishwife or any San Diego bands in general until I listened to Ritalin more than once. Was also lucky enough to see them in Santa Cruz in the early 90’s too.

    Ryan is singing for a new band here in San Diego called Ghettoblaster now. It’s quite good, and not a little like Fishwife.

  13. Sean said

    Wow this is amazing!!! Thanks!

  14. I discovered Fishwife by accident, thinking I had came up with a great band name – only to discover it was a better band than I could ever imagine. Thank you very much!

  15. ronald said

    any chance of re-upping the 3rd album?

  16. Does anyone have a large scan of that photo with Ryn Foxe naked, singing for Fishwife, with his cock and balls swinging far and wide?

  17. brst said

    thanx for posting this! great band!
    please, upload the ‘Poquita Rosada Mona’

  18. D said

    great band! Can you upload ‘Poquita Rosada Mona’ .
    thank you

    • killingtechnology said

      Unfortunately I lost ‘Poquita Rosada Mona’ from my HD, I may be able to get ahold of the mp3s again. I’ll update the link if I manage to do so

      • clay kennedy said

        I can dig Poquita out of a box if you need it.

      • killingtechnology said

        yeah bro, that would be cool… I’ve just realised all the links are dead.
        Really need to find somewhere stable I can re-up everything, it sucks

  19. seo blog said

    Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

  20. Baz said

    i’d love it if you could re-up, especially ‘ritalin’, as i only just discovered last week one of the un-named tracks off of one of my old john peel tapes from 1992 was actually by ‘fishwife’ (the almighty wurlitzer).
    21 years, and finally i know who it is (effin’ long time..)

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