June 10, 2009

SJI live 

 I would often pickup Allied records via mailorder when they were distributed through Active in the UK. Allied was a prolific label with a musically diverse roster that seemingly had run its course (or debts) when John Yates  called time in 1999. Nothing has really come along since to fill the of gap this label left… the records were of a very professional quality for an underground label back then. The Allied stamp usually signified well recorded, designed & packaged releases at punk prices (CDs were normally £6 ppd!).It’s a shame much of the back catalogue is out of print but certain reissues (Antischism, Fuel, Buzzov*en) have trickled out over this past decade.

Saint James Infirmary  won’t be undergoing a renaissance anytime soon but I know people still have a soft spot for this brand of 90’s post-hardcore racket.  The Jesus Lizard are often cited as a reference but to me SJI bears greater similarity to early Rye Coalition or Creeps on Candy (with some Swiz added to the mix also).  The delivery is tight and precise with an edge  that reminds me of the VSS, especially in the muffled/effected vocals. Vocalist Scott Carter was in the MD band Freak Beans who had a 7″ on Vermin Scum (had to get a tenuous link in somewhere). If any of the above mentioned names get your gander up then give this album a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Click image for DL:



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