RAIN LIKE THE SOUND OF TRAINS – Waiting for the Water EP

June 9, 2009


 I’ve had this EP (their final recording) for a long while, and it was my first exposure to the funkier/jazzier direction of mid 90s D.C. post hardcore (Sevens, The Sorts, K454). Describing this style in words everything points to ‘avoid this band’ but RLTSOT manage to effortlessly fuse this tighter,funkier approach with an aesthetic very much in line with hardcore. If it was any other band this just wouldn’t work but with a pedigree of ex Verbal Assault, Beefeater, Soulside etc. then surely the results are a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, nothing remains in print… everything bar this release was a Dischord half number and once those things are all gone they never come back. I think this EP is my favourite release but it’s really all excellent, I just fuckin’ love this shit! Click image to DL.

rain like the sound of trains

Forgot I had a live RLTSOT set + the demo. DL links fixed:

rain like the sound of trains – live in poland , poznan 20.09.1994



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