BLANK – Piotrville/Guillotine Lullaby 7″

June 9, 2009

Blank 1

 I’ve been wanting to get some Vermin Scum stuff up here for a while, unfortunately I have no way to rip the things I want to. Luckily I recently came across this Blank 7″ which some kind soul ripped and had up for share via P2P, I’ve scanned in the cover (click for the DL) and you can read the lyrics all here. When I went looking for ‘The Race’ 10″ recently I realised I’d sold it a few years ago, bummer when that happens! Anyway, at the time of this band’s existence they were often referred to as pop punk. Pop punk in the mid to late 90’s could mean anything from Hellbender to Lifetime, or Samiam to Leatherface but I guess this stuff was ‘pop’ to the average hardcore fan of the day.  Personally I always liked to call it melodic hardcore but then ’emo’ became a blanket term to cover anything and everything. Either way the two tracks here very good, something of a moodier take on D.C. stuff like Gray Matter or Rain with a sound in keeping with other Vermin Scum/MD bands (note the arpeggiated guitar lines). Reading a few things online it appears a discography was/is to be released on Deep Elm?

Blank 2


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