UNWOUND tour diary 1999

April 16, 2009

 Scan here of an Unwound tour diary written by Justin Trosper when they toured with Fugazi and Sonic Youth in 1999. This was in Error zine (well more of a broadsheet newspaper) which was put together by Mr. Sam McPheeters and ran for a handful of issues. Anyhow, more music to come but my upload space expired & I’m not buying more at this point. I uploaded a bunch of stuff before it was up so some will be linked permanently. Everything else will go via mediafire for the time being. While mentioning Fugazi (and related) I came across this cool set of interviews, well worth a look.



One Response to “UNWOUND tour diary 1999”

  1. Jack said

    I have a copy of this same issue I think. Good read.

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