KEROSENE 454 – With Age/Blown Clean 7″

February 18, 2009




 An early 7″ here from this monumental post hardcore group… these two tracks are an intensely focussed display of how this style should be performed. ‘Blown Clean’ is an apt title because that’s exactly what this music seeks to do by it’s relentless approach, the myspace page states they practiced 6 nights a week!  It would appear these tracks were recorded while the band were still in L.A. I’m not actually sure if they originated on the West coast or not (don’t think so??). I scanned the lyric sheet (below) which says the recording was made at Westbeach, the same place as the first Drive Like Jehu album (and countless SoCal pop punk bands). Anyroad, K454 spent the rest of their time in the D.C. area & released two full length albums on the Slowdime label. The first record ‘Situation at Hand’ was released by Art Monk Construction. Sadly the back catalogue is very much out of print, ‘Came by to Kill Me’ was my introduction to the band but I’d lost off by the time ‘At Zero’ came out. ‘Came by to Kill Me’ is one of my all time favourite records, the band obviously giving it everything possible to weave their math rock appocalypse. I really miss bands like this, if you see any of their records do not hesitate in picking them up.



3 Responses to “KEROSENE 454 – With Age/Blown Clean 7″”

  1. Ody said

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Mind Blowing!

  2. chadski said

    btw.. as far as i know, K454 weren’t ever from L.A., they were from phoenix, arizona.

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