February 9, 2009


 Thought I’d sold this a few years ago, I knew there was a reason I didn’t (it’s good). I don’t have much information about DRILL FOR ABSENTEE but there is a profile on Epitonic with some background (I’m pretty sure they had a 7″ also). Musically ‘Circle music’ (Mindwalk, 1998 ) fits in nicely between the harder edge of Hoover/Regulator Watts & the jazzier ‘post rock’ (as we called it then) of June of 44, Golden or early Tortoise. In keeping with the 1.6 Band theme of the last post listeners should note that Vin Novara plays vibraphone & percussion on songs 3 and 4. The packaging for this CD is really nice, comes in a gatefold card sleeve with debossing on the inside. No idea if any of the members went on to do anything afterwards?







4 Responses to “DRILL FOR ABSENTEE – Circle Music”

  1. killingtechnology said

    Sorry, I was just reading the shows section as DFA. I’ll check out the new outfits, didn’t realise you guys had a myspace.

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