February 8, 2009


 THE LAST CRIME were a short lived New York band headed by former 1.6 BAND vocalist Kevin Egan (who plays guitar here also). I’m guessing they only existed around 96-97 because this mini album is their only output. I suppose DRIVE LIKE JEHU is an obvious reference here but both bands  have similar dynamics. THE LAST CRIME take a more  meandering approach at times than the aforementioned but just as intense. Any fans of 1.6 BAND will not be disappointed as Egan’s harsh vocal delivery is still present. It’s an extreme style but it compliments the well constructed riffs and melodies on this recording. I just remembered there is 10 minutes of silence at the start of track 5, may edit this off if I have time. Please check this band out if you’ve never heard them.








2 Responses to “THE LAST CRIME”

  1. DAVE G said

    Excellent cd. I was going to post this on my blog but you beat me to it. I saw Last Crime live on Long Island back in the 90’s with Garden Variety and my brothers band Dahlia Seed.

    • killingtechnology said

      Hey Dave, post it on Rocket Science also… excellent blog. It’s not like this post has been getting a million hits or anything. If you have them could you please post demos by Garden Variety or Stillsuit?

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