BURN – Live in NYC 1991

February 7, 2009










 As far as I’m concerned 99% of the Revelation records output is complete and utter crap. That statement will rub a few people up the wrong way but whatever… that doesn’t stop BURN from being one of the best hardcore bands of the 90s. Tight, muscular, well crafted, powerful & intelligent are all words I’d use to describe this band. Don’t know where the fuck I picked this bootleg CD up but I recall it was sometime in the late 90s, the sound quality is passable but only just. I’m sure this won’t really matter to any diehard fans but anyone who hasn’t heard the band would be best to check out their EP first.  Gavin Van Vlack is the fuckin’ man!













2 Responses to “BURN – Live in NYC 1991”

  1. I know this is an old post, but you’re bang on about Revelation. Shit like that is waht drove me away from hardcore.

  2. Remarkable! Burn were the best, even if the come-back with Vic Dicara was less than stellar. In high school I got a copy of the Burn demo from Frosty from Chain of Strength’s younger brother Steve. I came very close to breaking the tape with so many listens! I’d love to trade you something for a cdr of this recording if possible. Please get in touch. Take care.

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