February 6, 2009

 THE KILL VAN KULL were something of a NYC hardcore supergroup formed from members of Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, Die 116, Hell No, Citizens Arrest etc. They don’t sound particularly like any of those bands, more like a furious post hardcore melting pot. Stylistically 1998’s ‘Human Bomb’ draws from an off kilter Pitchfork/Honor Role vibe but with the urgency of a Hell No or Merel record.  There’s not much info kicking around (discography?) but I found this INTERVIEW.


01-falling-off-a-building    02-how-can-you-just-stand-there   

03-tears    04-one-thousand    05-exploder


07-synthetic-pulmonary-transplant    08-the-divine-seven   

 09-oh-my-achin-pain    10-the-tip-off    11-untitled


4 Responses to “THE KILL VAN KULL – Human Bomb”

  1. Ben Low said

    Awesome seeing this. I played guitar and sang on the last 3 songs on this CD replacing Janis of Citizens Arrest / Hell No fame. For the record no one from the band was ever in Deadguy. Currently me and Bob the bassist play with The Brought Low, guitarist/singer Cooper plays bass in Made Out of Babies and drummer Jim plays in Fresh Kills. Hope someone enjoys this. Few people did at the time hardeeharhar. Ben.

  2. Berry White said

    I was lucky enough to play on the same bill with this band in the late 90’s at random clubs around NYC. Their bass player at the time gave me a copy of this record. I still listen to it on a monthly basis. It’s that good.

  3. am i wrong or didnt more than a few people from kill van kull end up in the jj paradise players club?

    • killingtechnology said

      James Paradise and Cooper went on to play in Players Club yes, great band.
      I love that Stillsuit ‘Green Spock Ears’ 2×7″, going to post up the album cos I found an old interview also

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