HELL NO – Weird Weirdo EP

February 6, 2009


 First post in months, it gets hard trying to write stuff about your favourite bands. I think it’s best if I keep things choppier this year, make things a bit more spontaneous.

 HELL NO are a fucked up band, it took me a while to fully appreciate their greatness. Uploaded below is the ‘Weird Weirdo’ EP from 1999. The photo above is from the EP advert scanned in from a copy of HeartattaCk.

 In the words of HELL NO:If you like real music played by real people with some balls, then you will like this. If you like pre packaged “Alternative Rock” you won’t. If you like Good Charlotte, Blink 182, you probably won’t. If you have thin skin you won’t. If you have pre concieved notions of what type of bands your “scene” is supposed to churn out you probably won’t like it. If you like record labels like: SST, Dischord, Touch & Go, Amphetamine Reptile records, Gern Blandsten, then maybe you’ll like us. But probably not.








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