November 23, 2008

 It’s been a while since the last major posting… I’m not going to write much here because this stuff speaks for itself.  If ever there was a band who didn’t need much by way of words it would be JAWBOX. I’d picked up ‘Grippe’ in the mid 90’s, I think it was the first time I’d even seen a JAWBOX record after being on the hunt for something. I had a major Dischord fixation at the time & this record did more than satisfy my appetite. It was also strange that a band could release albums that would sound equally at home on a label like Amphetamine Reptile or Touch & Go… and then end up on a major label! That just goes to show what a unique path they trod through the 1990’s.

 First up here are 8 tracks recorded in very early 1990, I believe there may have been another track from this session but who knows? 5 of these tracks were released on the cassette version  of the first JAWBOX 7″. The quality of the 94 live set recorded in Poland is a bit rough but still cool to hear. Unfortunately track 2 is missing since the mp3 file was corrupt when I’d transferred from an old hard drive. The flyer below that looks to be about one of the best shows I could imagine seeing, that lineup should give you a clue as to what I may post next. The D.C. set is soundboard quality & from their last short tour, after which the band sadly parted ways. The Lounge Ax set from 94 appeared on the split album with LEATHERFACE which came out as part of the Your Choice live series. 

 All in all an excellent collection of JAWBOX greatness here. If you don’t own any of their records then rectify this… Desoto bought the rights to their two Atlantic albums and made them available through iTUNES. Please also help support J Robbins’ son Callum who was diagnosed with a severe life affecting disorder, you can read more about it here and if possible make a donation.

01_tools and chrome    02_bullet park

03_beneath the wheel    04_footbinder

05_consolation    06_paint out the light

07_motherlode    08_something must break 

JAWBOX –  Live in Poland, 11-03-1994

01-ff66    03-static    04-cooling-card

05-ones-and-zeroes    06-tongues

07-cruel-swing    08-jackpot-plus

09-chicago-piano    10-motorist

11-savory    12-lil-shaver 

JAWBOX – Live at the Black Cat DC, 01-24-97

01-wont-come-off    02-mirrorful    03-68

04-desert-sea    05-nickel-nickel-millionaire

06-livid    07-iodine    08-chinese-fork-tie

09-tracking    10-mule-stall    11-reel

12-spoiler    13-his-only-trade

14-chicago-piano    15-ff66

JAWBOX – Live at Lounge Ax, Chicago 10/94

01-ff66    02-green-glass    03-tongues

04-chinese-fork-tie    05-chicago-piano    06-motorist


5 Responses to “JAWBOX”

  1. Gordon said

    This is awesome – thank you for posting!

    You might also be interested in my Jawbox on Cello project. All proceeds go to Cal Robbins.

  2. Ryan said

    YES!!! i have no live jawbox so this is great. thanks so much for posting this and making my monday a little more tolerable.

    ..and gordon’s “jawbox on cello” project is a must have for jawbox fans.

  3. Jack said

    The Black Cat set is possibly the greatest thing I have found on the internerd, thanks for posting! Gives me the same feeling I felt when I first heard Jawbox (they were the first ‘punk’/independent band I got into properly)!
    Catch ya soon Pete.

  4. Dale said

    This is the greatest thing i have stumbled across in a long time thanks for posting this. I thought i had everything i could find from jawbox, it’s nice to be surprised 🙂

  5. Erik said

    Hey. Thanks for posting the first 4-track cassette demo. I have that actual tape somewhere but have never taken the time to go through old boxes or digitize old stuff. Cool though, haven’t heard it in about 18 years. Thanks again.

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