September 18, 2008

 Now then, since this blog has kinda changed direction over it’s duration I’ve decided to make some alterations & give it a new layout. The mainly music orientated posts have proven very popular & the response is cool in that people were stoked to hear certain recordings ie: the SQUIRREL BAIT demo! I’m basically a  total fan & I know how cool it is when people up rare shit via a blog these days. If I make a post on here it’s basically cos I fuckin’ love love a band & want to make a tribute so this stuff never dies. There are plenty of faceless mp3 blogs, I think it’s important to add more of a personal response & add some context beyond ‘this is cool’ etc. Initially the page design did not support widgets so I couldn’t link to anyone elses blog unfortunately. This facility is now in place so please email if you want to be linked, I hope to make this page more interactive from now on. I’m also toying with the idea of setting up ‘Shitegeist’ as a blog devoted to things metal.

 Oh, and if you need to ask why the blog is now called ‘Do You Compute’ then you’re probably in the wrong place heh if you don’t know keep a sharp eye out for my next post.. until then fucking rock my friends. I also updated the LAUGHING HYENAS post with some audio, check it out.


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