HONOR ROLE – 1983 DEMO & 1st 7″

September 16, 2008

 If it weren’t for HONOR ROLE then most of the band’s I post about on here probably wouldn’t have existed (at least not in the same form). HONOR ROLE are a band few people ever hear but whose influence was vital in so much of the independent rock or post hardcore from the late 80’s & early 90’s. To be honest I had no clue about the band until I came across the ‘Purgatory’ 7″ in some shitty 2nd hand shop in London sometime in 2000. When I spun the B-side ‘Jank’ I thought fuck me that’s the guitar line from ‘Here come the Rome plows’ ! (this will segue nicely to my next post). Since then I’ve picked up various bits of vinyl but fortunately most of it was released by Merge records as the CD discography ‘Album’. The demo posted below was recorded as a three piece (Pen Rollings doing vocals) and is more straight up early D.C. hardcore sounding than the odd post punk, proto ‘math rock’ they soon became. I believe these tracks were on a split tape with GRAVEN IMAGE, at least that’s what I can fathom from the KFTH page. 

1983 DEMO









  Also posted here is the first HONOR ROLE 7″ (also not included on the CD) which came out on the band’s Eskimo records in 1984. I scanned in the cover art & lyric sheet so be sure to check that out as well. More recently Pen Rollings resurfaced with the false destroying tech metal of LOINCLOTH, I got their demo CDr a few years ago now & heard nothing since… if anyone has more info please comment (H20?). You can DL those 4 demo tracks & read a fucking awesome interview here with Pen Rollings.

HONOR ROLE – It Bled Like A Stuck Pig 7″

01-An-hour-behind   02-New-hope   03-Bowling-for-bibles  

04-Chocolate-milk   05-I’m-a-nerd


06-Vance_picked_up_Dot_over_a_bush..   07-Early_grave  

08-B.D.K.O.    09-Dot-is-in-your-car-and-boy-does-she-smell-bad






2 Responses to “HONOR ROLE – 1983 DEMO & 1st 7″”

  1. Arthur said

    Great Blog, keep up the good work! Song 8 for the ’83 Demo is not working.

  2. […] a quick post here since I’ve been spinning Honor Role this week… check my previous HR post for more information.  The ‘Purgatory’ 7″ was released in 1986 making it […]

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