GIRLS AGAINST BOYS Live 01-01-93, 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

September 1, 2008

 So, Touch & Go have finally decided to reissue some essential records from their back catalogue (Killdozer, Die Kreuzen, Pegboy), one of them being GVSB’s ‘Venus Luxure #1 baby’. I used to listen to this album all the time in 93-94, ‘Bulletproof Cupid’ was on the Radio 1 playlist which was an obvious indicator they were headed for bigger things. It’s a shame they never really topped this album, although ‘Cruise Yourself’ was a strong follow up. The band’s ‘sexycool Martini drinking NYC playboy’ vibe became overbearing resulting in 1998’s rather hideous major label debut ‘Freak on Ica’. Since then they regrouped and put out a record on Jade Tree in 2002, I have no idea what it sounds like & no desire to find out. Instead I shall leave you with this peak live set:

Live 01-01-93,  9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

01-in-like-flynn_wow-wow-wow    02-bulletproof-cupid

03-stay-in-the-car    04-satin-down    05-my-night-of-pleasure

06-learned-it    07-jamie    08-billys-one-stop

09-kitty-yo    10-go-be-delighted


4 Responses to “GIRLS AGAINST BOYS Live 01-01-93, 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.”

  1. h2o said

    Ah yes. Yet another show I recorded. They were opening for Jawbox on New Year’s Day. Recorded them as well the next night in Baltimore. Good times.

  2. earthdog70 said

    Thanks for this, they were rocking at the T+G festival in 2006. If anyone has Jawbox from that timeframe live to post that would be awesome.

  3. Patrick Beagan said

    Layed up here on Percocet after neck surgery and was randomly Googling for GvsB material when, yahtzee!!!, came across your tremendous blog. Between the Scott McCloud yelps here, the Season to Risk vid of them flipping their van and trying to remember whether or not I have half of the stuff you post here (and the medication!), 2-1/2 hours have blissfully passed. Thanks Pete!

    • killingtechnology said

      Hey Patrick, get well soon man. That’s great you’ve found it of interest, glad it helped you pass the time!

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