August 22, 2008


 Keeping on with the Quarterstick theme it just wouldn’t be right not mentioning (in my opinion) their greatest band: PEGBOY, ‘Three Chord Monte’ being the label’s birthplace with QS00001. I’ve been putting this post together for weeks & in doing so realised that it can get quite hard writing about bands you like. Lots of times I’ll check out some blog & it will lack any information or personal context as to ‘why’ somebody posted a band’s recordings. I know a few people read this blog now & enjoy the posts which is why I’d rather spend time putting together something interesting. I’m hoping to try and make a post every 2-3 weeks & have some good shit lined up so keep watching! Anyways, onward…

  The first time I heard PEGBOY was sometime mid 1991 because the entire ‘Three Chord Monte’ E.P. was the soundtrack to the Strange Notes video magazine volume 6. At that time pretty much all my musical knowledge was coming via Santa Cruz skateboard videos, the Streets on Fire soundtrack being my exposure to the very best of SST. I’d heard NAKED RAYGUN already but PEGBOY really struck a chord since they had more of a hardcore edge… the muscular yet melodic riffs & weighty rhythm section were in keeping with the Chicago ‘post punk’ aesthetic of that period. The band draws heavily from each members past melding the best elements of NAKED RAYGUN and BHOPAL STIFFS  but the sum here is far greater than the parts. This hybrid juggernaut really upped the bar for this style of melodic hardcore/punk & In my opinion no band has done anything since to equal PEGBOY’s legacy.

 The band has had a relatively steady lineup, the only exception being changing bassists. Steve Saylors quit the band after Strong Reaction & in my opinion the band definitely lost something here cos the guy has one of the best bass sounds I’ve ever heard! Steve Albini filled in on the ‘Fore’ EP until permanent replacement Pierre Kezdy joined in 1994 a few years after NAKED RAYGUN’s demise. Apparently J. Robbins (JAWBOX) filled in on bass at one point. There was a record shop here that sold all the Touch & Go promo tapes weeks before they were released, I scored plenty of cool stuff back then… one thing of interest here was a promo tape for ‘Fore’ which has alternate track titles which are amusing.

 About two years back I managed to locate some PEGBOY live sets via a friend, fuck knows where he got them from but I was grateful to hear them that’s for certain! The CBGB’s set had been saved in two parts which I split into separate tracks and tidied up slightly with some denoise-ing & eq, the quality is definately soundboard but a little rough. I also have a live set recorded in Pittsburgh from 1995 but the quality ain’t so good so I’m not upping that, if anyone really needs to hear it then send me an email. The second set posted here recorded at a reunion show in Chicago in 2000 (probably their 10 year anniversary?) & the sound quality is excellent. Hearing these two sets should bring a lot of joy to fellow fans because basically it’s fucking PEGBOY playing your favourite songs.. live! Albeit no comparison to being there (makes you wish you had been) but it’s next best thing you’re gonna get to it. Although saying that it appears they have been playing again since the Touch & Go 25th anniversary. Please leave a comment, I’d love to know what people think of these live sets.

PEGBOY – LIVE AT CBGB’s in NYC, 7-16-91

1-method   2-strong-reaction   3-not-what-i-want   4-my-youth

5-field-of-darkness   6-fade-away   7-time-again   8-still-uneasy

9-walk-on-by   10-locomotivelung   11-through-my-fingers



01-my-youth    02-never-a-question    03-hardlight   

04-strong-reaction   05-dog-dog    06-method   

07-field-of-darkness    08-not-what-i-want  

09-through-my-fingers    10-revolver   11-superstar  

12-locomotivelung   13-time-again    14-dangermare    


16-walk-on-by    17-treason


4 Responses to “PEGBOY”

  1. earthdog70 said

    Thanks for the NYC show. They were great at the T+G festival. I wish they were playing Riot Fest 2008!

    J Robbins played bass on tour with them after Steve left. I saw the DC show where they were touring with Social D and Best Kissers In The World.

    They have a new bassist now-“Skinny Mike” now that Pierre is back with Raygun. Hopefully we will get some new stuff.

  2. RyanPitch said

    Anyone know why Pierre doesn’t play with Pegboy anymore? Are they all still buddies?

  3. Chris said

    Hey how ya doin? I was the one who recorded the CB’s show. The guys were nice enough to let me go off the soundboard that night. Great show, lots of fun! It was recorded onto cassette, hence being in two parts and crappy quality. Years ago when I first set it out into the wild, I had no idea how to cut it up, so I just made two huge mp3’s.
    The Pittsburgh show I purchased on cassette around the corner from CB’s near St Marks place. There used to be a little volunteer-run record shop…forget where exactly, but that’s where I picked it up.

    Long time ago, and a fun period in NYC from the early 80’s till 95 or so. Lots of great music. Now I’m in my fucking 40’

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