STEVE ALBINI Guitarist Magazine 1994

July 16, 2008


 Whilst rooting around the archive vaults (read: dusty boxes of old magazines) I found a cutting I’d made from Guitarist magazine featuring an excellent Steve Albini interview. The article dates from May 1994 and is great for anyone interested in reading about his guitar sound & the harmonic percolator pedals which seem to be the only kind of distortion he uses. If you’re not so bothered about that stuff there are some nice pictures, it’s a big file so Save target as…  I have some other Albini related pieces I’m gonna scan but I figured I’d wait and make a full SHELLAC post soon. I’m making headway with my next posting (it’s gonna be a good one!) but it’s not ready just yet so this should tide you over for now.

 I just found another two Albini clippings, one is an article he wrote about Billiards taken from Thrasher magazine circa 96. And also ‘The World According to…’ which featured in The Guardian newspaper Guide circa 2000. Check them here:



One Response to “STEVE ALBINI Guitarist Magazine 1994”

  1. jimmy said

    Thanks for scanning and posting these :-).

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