July 1, 2008

 I think this will be my last post on a Lousville band, Rodan being the starting point for my discovery of this sound In 1994 with the release of ‘Rusty’.  It became a landmark record for me at this time since it would be another year until I got the  ‘Spiderland’ LP (£3 secondhand!) and another four until ‘Diablo Guapo’ (also £3 secondhand!). ‘Rusty’ was unlike anything I’d heard before or since, I was intrigued by how the stripped guitar beauty of ‘Bible Silver Corner’ could lead into the compacted ‘mathcore’ blast of ‘Shiner’. This in turn opened into twisted prog punk workouts of epic proportions. Although Rodan never had the noteriety of Slint they’re pretty much on par in my book.

After the band’s breakup new projects began surfacing but in my opinion never fulfilled the promise that Rodan left. I only heard Shipping News (my pick of the bunch) on the Metroschifter split  and have yet to hear Sonora Pine (just did, bass????). And while June of 44 had one or two moments on their first album, the Rachel’s CD I had once wasn’t my thing (where are the fucking guitars lol). These bands (along with their legion of imitators) took on an air of pseudo sophistication and pretension I simply couldn’t relate to. Aside from Shellac and the occasional reissue I’ve never picked up a new Touch and Go/Quarterstick release in ten years, unfortunately there were no new bands on the roster to retain the consistency of the ‘golden era’.


 The above picture is a live shot of the band I had saved from a copy of Melody Maker dating from sometime in 1994. I’m glad i had the foresight to cut this out because there seems to be no live shots of the band available online today. Anyroad, whilst looking around the internet for more information I found this fansite  which seems a decent resource aside from the lack of rare audio. To rectify this I decided to upload the 1994 Peel Session, Aviary tape & a Live set from Athens, GA in 1994. Someone has listed a shoddy looking bootleg CDr of the Aviary tape and Peel session on Ebay for $12.99. Don’t be ripped off, DL both here and make your own! The Peel Session & live set feature tracks that would’ve made the follow up to ‘Rusty’, after hearing them I think you’ll agree it’s a damn shame that album never happened.

RODAN – Peel Session 23/7/94




RODAN – Aviary tape 1993

I received notice from WordPress that someone asked for these files to be removed, if you still want them then maybe they will see an official release sometime?

01-intro   02-tron   03-darjeeling   04-milk-and-melancholy

05-shiner   06-tooth-fairy-retribution-manifesto   07-intermission

08-jungle-jim   09-gauge   10-the-everyday-world-of-bodies

11-exoskeleton   12-bible-silver-corner




RODAN – Live at the 40 Watt, Athens GA 7/94

(source for Live and the Peel session: Jay Korber, rip by Indyrock. Right On!

Update: the live set was originally recorded by Mr. Henry Owings)

01-bible-silver-corner   02-rungs   03-the-everyday-world-of-bodies

04-interlude   05-angel_in_the_centerfold-later_titled_guage 

06-interlude   07-sangre   08-big-things-little-things 

09-martin   10-before-the-train-a-picture-of-a-girl

+ more excellent bonus live stuff thanks to Bluescreenlife

RODAN – Live at Lounge Ax, Chicago 25-09-94


02-gauge     03-sangre


EDIT: Very sad news in that Jason Noble passed away August 4th 2012. Rest in Peace.


4 Responses to “RODAN”

  1. Bryan G said

    Thanks for Aviary!! Its been quite a hard tape to find.

  2. BSL said

    I posted some more rare audio on the fansite – thanks for the wake-up call. Cheers!

  3. Jeff H. said

    I was at that Lounge Ax show in 1994. They opened up for Rocker From the Crypt and totally blew everyone away. I have the vinyl record, but thank you for posting these still active files. I’m not surprised that others still talk about that amazing piece of music that evening.

  4. ! said

    Indeed an amazing band.

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