May 2, 2008

No, your eyes are not deceiving you… below is (believe it or not) a beardless Daniel Higgs! These screen grabs are of some late 80s Tattoo documentary he appeared in, I don’t know more than that.  



I’m not exactly a beard enthusiast but Daniel Higgs rocks a gnarly one, not many people with facial hair wear it like this guy. Fans of the man also really need to check out REPTILE HOUSE  the band he sang with prior to LUNGFISH. The 7″ ‘I Stumble as the Crow Flies’ is just raging post punk, as good as any Revolution Summer band & obviously a huge influence on MOSS ICON.

Below are three tracks from an undisclosed LUNGFISH demo, I’m not certain of the year they’re from but I would guess they date from around 1992? The recording quality is that of a professional studio. I’ve no idea regarding the first track it’s definately not something I’ve heard before. The version of ‘Fresh Air Cure’ is much longer than the one from ‘Rainbows From Atoms’ and ‘Broadcast’ is a rawer cut than on ‘Talking Songs For Walking’. One of my all time favourite bands, check this stuff out! 





4 Responses to “HIGGS SANS BEARD”

  1. andyjperez said

    WOW is there any way to get the name of that documentary I’d love to see it!

  2. I have it; those images were screen caps from when I was transferring it from VHS to DV. It’s hilarious. He’s going off on tirades about Hot Stuff Devils and black panthers. Classic stuff.

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