HUMin’ Home

December 11, 2007


There seems to be more interest, or maybe an increasing awareness in often overlooked bands from our recent past. Guitar orientated bands like HUM were caught up in the late 90s major label sea of post grunge signings. Few seemed to float at the time but their true impact can now be guaged better a decade on. The influence of HUM (especially on ‘Downward is Heavenward’)  can definately be heard in the drop tuned shoegaze of JESU and other more trend orientated ‘post rock’ novices. The main point I’m putting over here is that HUM always made sure to rock and never flounder in aimless delay heavy noodling. The Comin’ Home 7″ pictured above bid up to $22 the other week, fortunately I just bagged it for $6. It’s worth the money alone for the B-side PUPPETS which I could listen to all day long. It’s kind of pointless saying more other than that if you like this track then check out their Albums


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